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Re: mouse doesnt work in console

Andres LG wrote:

I cant use mouse in console, even though I installed gpm.
this is my /etc/gpm.conf


When I put $cat /dev/psaux
I get a lot of garbage on the screen, so I am sure it is the right device.

This is only when you move the mouse, right?

but after I make $gpmconfig
and I try to test the mouse, nothing happens.

I've had two or three occasions lately where the test within gpmconfig fails, but after finishing gpmconfig and gpm starts, the mouse works. What I'm saying is "don't trust the test within gpmconfig".

This is a mouse with a scroll wheel and a ps/2 connector, right? It's not a USB mouse

You might try a different protocol; when you're asked by gpmconfig for the protocol type "help", and you'll get a list of ones you can try.

Also, you might need to install a kernel module; run "modconf" and look for any mouse-y looking modules, such as "mousedev" or "psmouse", and try installing them to see if that makes any difference. I have both of these modules in my /etc/modules on this particular box. (I don't know for sure if they're needed, and I'm too lazy to test at the moment, but they are there, so give 'em a try.)



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