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Re: kernel build questions

Ben Edwards wrote:
Colin wrote:

Do a "make-kpkg clean" before changing the revision number should do the trick.

Ta, that did the trick.
When I dpkg -i the image it complaines that '/lib/modules/2.6.3 (may) belongs to a old install', I have been moving it to .old but douse this mean that if I need to revert to the previous kernel I may have proglems.

Yes. You'll have to move the .old directory back to 2.6.3 if you want to use the old kernel again. Another trick is to use the "--append-to-version" parameter so that there is some extra stuff added to the end of the kernel version. For example, --append-to-version=new will put the kernel modules in the /lib/modules/2.6.3new directory.

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