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kernel build questions

I have sucsesfult managed to build a 2.6 kernel (whitch I am now
using).  This is great as CD burning works out of the box and
startup/application launch is noticably faster.

However I have a few questions.  I used the hoto at
http://www.desktop-linux.net/debkernel.htm which is nice and

I use the command

make-kpkg buildpackage -rev Custom.1 kernel_image

to build the kernel, whitch workes fine.  However if i use Custom.2 (so
I can keep my old kernel) I get the following:-

blue:/usr/src/linux# make-kpkg buildpackage -rev Custom.2 kernel_image
I note that you are using the --revision flag with the value
However, the ./debian/changelog file exists, and has a different value
I am confused by this discrepancy, and am halting.

Also from reading other stuff I gather I should change the varables at
the begining of the Makefile but dont quite get the relationship with
this and the Custon.1 thing.  Is it I use either -rev or change the

Also I have been using make xconfig, whitch launches qconf. I quite like it but dont quite understand the reference to M (Module) it keepes making in the help panel.

When selecting items you get a dot, a tick or a empty box. Am I correct in guesing a tick is include in the kernel, a dot is include as a seperate module and an empty box is dont include?


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