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Re: kernel build questions

Colin wrote:

Ben Edwards (lists) wrote:

I use the command

make-kpkg buildpackage -rev Custom.1 kernel_image

to build the kernel, whitch workes fine.  However if i use Custom.2 (so
I can keep my old kernel) I get the following:-

blue:/usr/src/linux# make-kpkg buildpackage -rev Custom.2 kernel_image
I note that you are using the --revision flag with the value
However, the ./debian/changelog file exists, and has a different value
I am confused by this discrepancy, and am halting.

Do a "make-kpkg clean" before changing the revision number should do the trick.

Ta, that did the trick. When I dpkg -i the image it complaines that '/lib/modules/2.6.3 (may) belongs to a old install', I have been moving it to .old but douse this mean that if I need to revert to the previous kernel I may have proglems.


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