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Re: mouse lost with KVM switch

on Tue, May 04, 2004 at 12:58:23PM -0400, ARiley@edgarsnyder.com (ARiley@edgarsnyder.com) wrote:
> I have the kde desktop and a graphical login via the kdm package
> (3.1.4-0woody1).  Direct connections with the mouse to the system work fine
> but when a kvm switch is used the mouse typically freezes on the login
> screen.

What kind of switch?

The old cheap mechanical two-position switches will frequently "lose"
mice.  PS/2 connectors really don't like being decoupled.

Most good electronic KVMs *will* work properly.  I've had good luck with
a Belkin 4-way switch, though mind the cost of cables.  I've seen 6x
price deltas between Staples and a computer store in downtown SF (latter
being vastly cheaper).

> I've experimented with mouse configuration, setting XF86Config-4 to "auto"
> or "PS/2" to no effect.  I can regain the mouse sometimes by dropping into
> a text shell and restarting X but I wonder if there isn't a better way
> since other distributions that I use do not have the same issue.  Any
> suggestions?

Other distros, or other computers?  I suspect HW issues.


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