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Re: Setting locale failed

"Jan Willem Stumpel" <jstumpel@planet.nl> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Thomas Adam wrote:
> > --- Christian Christmann <plfriko@yahoo.de> wrote:
> >> my resent apt-get upgrade of my German sarge system failed while
> >> installing some locales packages. When I now execute an upgrade the
> >> process always fails with the message: [..]
> > Check the BTS... http://bugs.debian.org/
> I looked there already, as I am sure the OP did. Do you have any idea
> how to fix this problem? You seem to imply that the solution is obvious,
> so what is it?
> Please tell us, because this is a very serious botch-up which makes
> Debian almost unusable for non-C-locale users.

I just find out that you can fix this problem while using
dpkg-reconfigure locales and generate the setting for your country.

The seconf problem is a broken OpenOffice package which comes with
some of the Knoppix version. In order to solve it, remove the package with
dpkg -r openoffice-de-en and install the recent version from


> Regards, Jan
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