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Re: mouse lost with KVM switch

On Tue, May 04, 2004 at 12:58:23PM -0400, ARiley@edgarsnyder.com wrote:
> I have the kde desktop and a graphical login via the kdm package
> (3.1.4-0woody1).  Direct connections with the mouse to the system work fine
> but when a kvm switch is used the mouse typically freezes on the login
> screen.
> I've experimented with mouse configuration, setting XF86Config-4 to "auto"
> or "PS/2" to no effect.  I can regain the mouse sometimes by dropping into
> a text shell and restarting X but I wonder if there isn't a better way
> since other distributions that I use do not have the same issue.  Any
> suggestions?

I had a desktop setup that worked just fine when connected directly to the
kvm.  When I hooked it up to the kvm via a linksys (ugh!) kvm switch, I also
lost the mouse. I had to change to mouse protocol to get the mouse back.  I
had to switch the protocol back and forth depending on whether I had the
system hooked up directly, or via the kvm switch.  

That setup doesn't exist anymore, so I can't check the details of what
protocols were involved.  I would suggest a bit of grunt work trying various
protocols.  Hopefully one will work with your switch.


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