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Re: After dist-upgrade no Icewm - Solved

Chris Metzler wrote:

It's usually the case when someone says "RTFM" or "STFW" that they're very
aware that the answer is easily found that way.  Often they themselves
have just verified this, and are looking at the needed information as they
type that response.

In which case it'd be really nice if they'd take that little extra step to post the address or man page at which they're looking. Or even copy and paste it into the message, even though it may be in a hundred different places on the web already. Granted, that takes a few seconds more, and a few more bytes of network bandwidth/storage, but it's so much more Customer Service oriented and helps to make Debianites look more professional/courteous. (Not that that's our goal, but still . . . .)


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