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Re: After dist-upgrade no Icewm - Solved

Thomas H. George wrote:

As to my earlier comments about the "lecture" I understand the problem
but I think the "do your homework first" while fine for those of us who
can - and, admittedly I can when pressed to do so - will prevent debian
linux from ever becomming everyman's desktop solution.  When you have a
working desktop which disappears after an upgrade the natural response
is "What have you done to my system?" not "I wonder what they changed?
I better do my homework before asking questions."

How true! I always wondered what was so helpful in a one liner "RTFM" in the replies that so many are proud to post. Some even consider it their sacred duty to do so. "do your homework"!! Now, that is helpful! Why to bother suggesting that anyway. If you don't have any concrete suggestions on how to debug the problem, or where to start, don't post! Though such curt and caustic suggestions are needed at some places, but I believe this is overdone a bit.

Fortunately, such pain-in-the-you-know-where people are way outnumbered by helpful people. That is what helps me enjoy these newsgroups while asking for help or for offering any.


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