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Re: After dist-upgrade no Icewm - Solved

On Thu, 06 May 2004 16:25:31 -0400
"H. S." <greatexcalibur@yahoo.com> wrote:
> How true! I always wondered what was so helpful in a one liner "RTFM" in
> the replies that so many are proud to post. Some even consider it their 
> sacred duty to do so. "do your homework"!! Now, that is helpful! Why to 
> bother suggesting that anyway.

Uh, because it shows basic respect to the volunteers who answer your
question to first try and solve it yourself, before asking the question?

> If you don't have any concrete 
> suggestions on how to debug the problem, or where to start, don't post! 

It's usually the case when someone says "RTFM" or "STFW" that they're very
aware that the answer is easily found that way.  Often they themselves
have just verified this, and are looking at the needed information as they
type that response.


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