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Re: Supercilious replies and I really do want your help

OK, try this.

If you are running a 2.4 kernel then install like this:
apt-get alsa-utils alsa-drivers 
then run:
and follow the instructions it should find your sound card and install the 
driver for it.

If you have a 2.6 kernel then just apt-get install alsa-conf and then run 
alsaconf. In the debian kernel-image-2.6 the alsa drivers are built as 
modules already, since the alsa sound system/drivers are now a standard part 
of the 2.6 kernels.


On Friday 07 May 2004 03:46 am, Ken Fish wrote:
> Hi
> I sent the following message
> Will some one please suggest a suitable ALSA sound driver package for Linux
> release 2.4.24.xfs. The card is described as fm801.
> So far I've recieved one reply. This was both supercilious and patronising.
> I have noticed that I'm not the only one to be on the recieving end of such
> treatment.  Please understand  that some of your fellow Debianians are new
> to the OS and are in need of real help and encouragement, not put downs.
> Please look into your hearts and help us new commers to learn about Linux.
> Almost dis heartened
> Fish
> PS To David Clymer I had already seached Google using many combos. Non have
> worked.

Linux - to keep you humble.

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