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Re: Supercilious replies and I really do want your help

On Fri, May 07, 2004 at 09:46:12AM +0200, Ken Fish wrote:
> Hi 
> I sent the following message
> Will some one please suggest a suitable ALSA sound driver package for Linux 
> release 2.4.24.xfs. The card is described as fm801. 
> So far I've recieved one reply. This was both supercilious and patronising. I 
Hi Ken,
people here appreciate if questioners take the time to fully explore
what resources they are aware of before asking us volunteers to use our
time. It is also very helpful to us if you give as many details about
where you looked and what you have tried in as great a detail as possible.
> PS To David Clymer I had already seached Google using many combos. Non have 
> worked.
I google'ed and instantly found what looks like a reasonable document
to read. Maybe you tried differnt search terms, I used "fm801" and found
this on the first page:

If someone else did what I did and found what seems to be a good
reference on the first page of a basic search, it appears that you did
not take your time and thus expect us to do it for you. I assume by you
answer that you did take the time to search and did not find the info I did.

Hope the info is helpful.

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