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Re: Gbucash (Sarge)


> I am running gnucash under Sarge. It was running fine on 23rd April,
> but when I came back to it this morning it won't load. The splash
> screen with the dialog about loading various modules comes up, but
> at the point at which the accounts list should open - Nothing! No
> error messages, no frozen windows. I open a terminal and do "ps -A"
> and there's no gnucash type bits left hanging.
> I have since the 23rd run; "apt-get update; apt-get upgrade"
> 		in order to stay current. I am hoping that this is a
> libray conflict issue and that wise people are all over it, because
> I am in such trouble if I cannot access my GnuCash data!

I am commenting my own message as it seems like a good starting point. I wrote the above on 27th April, and thereafter filled it as a bug.

It seems this was a bug in Unstable, but then the libraries were sorted out and the problem went away, but when files migrated to testing the problem manifest itself there. for whatever reason the appropriate libraries are not coming down from Unstable.

All of this is fine. I accept that packages don't migrate till they are fully checked. I also accept that I am running testing and sometimes this is the price I pay. I have no quibbles with any of this.

However I have waited for the fix, but it is not apparently ready and I really *need* to access GnuCash, so;

	Is there a fix I can employ to get it going in the short term?
	Is anyone using GnuCash in a testing machine making it work?

I am getting just a little bit desperate and would welcome solutions from the floor.

  Keith O'Connell.
  Maidstone, Kent. (UK)

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