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Re: authenticate via NTLM & AD

On Tuesday 04 May 2004 22:15, Benedict Verheyen shoved this in my mailbox:
> Hi,
> i recently started a new job as system administrator.
Congratulations :)
> This is what i'm trying to establish:
> 1) Let the pc authenticate against the AD or at least enable
> apt-get to access the net by authenticating on the proxy
> server (ISA)

If you want to authenticate on the pc against AD (in other words have people 
log on to it with their username and password from AD) I'd suggest you have a 
look at PAM. However, I'm not sure if there is a module (LDAP or SAMBA/NTLM) 
that supports AD.

If you just want apt-get to work (as I think you do) through a proxy that 
requires authentication, a simple 'man apt.conf' will pull up the answer for 
you  :)

> 2) If i would set up other Linux servers, it might be handy
> to have them access the web via this server so they do not need
> to go through the trouble of authenticating. Not sure if this is
> the best way.
You could set up a proxy on the machine, but it's really not so hard to go via 
the proxy that needs authentication.

> I have no idea what programs i will need to install to achieve
> the above. Is samba able to authenticate with ntlm or will i have
> to throw in LDAP into the mix too?
For the proxy server authentication, you need nothing special. If you want AD 
to manage your accounts, you'll probably need SAMBA. (set up samba with AD as 
backend, and use a PAM module to login)

> Any advice, tips, howto's or links are appreciated.

These are tips, your milage may vary!


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