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Re: printer queue immortal - help!

On Tuesday 04 May 2004 16:14, Benjamin Sher wrote:
> Dear CW Harris:
> I had the same problem with my Okipage 14e in Xandros 2.0. The solution
> is 1) to turn off your computer, unhook the parallel cable so as to
> clean out the existing print job, then 2) to go to the Control Center in
> KDE, Peripheral Devices and DELETE the printer, then reattach the
> parallel cable to the printer, turn it on and then 3) ADD the printer
> again to your list of printers. This should solve your problem and allow
> you to start with a clean slate.

That makes sense.  The print queue will have to be a nice clean freshly 
laundered one that way.  Still, I would love to know where the "hidden" spool 
file is.  This has happened to me more than once. And I assume the web 
interface to cups will work as well as the kde printer manager - I am trying 
to wean myself off kde-dependence.  I'll give it a try in the morning, and 
print off my much-delayed job...

Thanks to all.


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