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printer queue immortal - help!

Help!  I have an epson stylus c62 local on a sid box.  Mozilla sent it a 
raw postscript file as text.  THis means dozens of pages of garbage.  I 
tried to cancel the printjob:
  - from CLI as the user whose job it was - failed
  - from CLI as root - ditto
  - by deleting files from /var/spool/cups - but continues to print
  - by deleting files from /var/spool/lpd/lp - job now disappears from
    lpq, but continues to print.

Switching off the printer and back on has no effect - it just carries on 

Restarting lpd and cupsd has no effect.  Rebooting the computer has no 
effect (yes, I got that desperate).  How can I stem the flow of 
printout?  The data must reside somewhere...


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