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Re: cdrom vs /cdrom/cdrom and /cdorm/cdrom0

H. S. wrote:
> Apparently, _Bob Proulx_, on 05/03/04 00:36,typed:
> > Note that the new FHS says that these be moved to /media/cdrom.  At a
> > future version of Debian they will move there instead of being in the
> > top level directory.  Yeah!
> So would it be okay if made this change myself? I kind of like that 
> Fedora has /mnt for such things. Helps keep things clean in /

Sure.  The problem which might arise is if an application which you
install still assumes the old location.  You will be testdriving the
new configuration and blazing the trail somewhat.  But it looks to be
a pretty safe trail.

At the worst you would need to supply a symlink /cdrom -> /media/cdrom
and everything would be backward compatible.  If you notice that
please file a BTS report about it such that it gets resolved for that
application.  Noting that it is a new thing which is being worked
toward and not a well tested area.


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