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Re: KDE upgrade troubles

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Hi.  Please reply directly to the list, rather than to me individually,
unless there's something personal about the communication.  That way,
the archives have a chance of helping other people with similar problems.

>>> the only difference I have noticed is 
>>> that all of my K-menu items have dissappeared! :-(
>>> What gives?
>> Are you saying that the "Debian" submenu is empty, or that the
>> *entire* KDE menu is gone?
> The whole shebang. :-(


>> Also, can you describe what you've tried to solve this problem,
>> what sources of information (e.g. Google, the archives of this
>> list, the Debian KDE wiki, etc.) you've tried?
> I've tried googling, which turned up a few hits from the archive of the 
> list.  The only suggest I came across was "kappfinder", which as  I say,
> didn't work.  If you think this has been answered before (which I'm sure
> it has), maybe you could point me in the right direction?

Well, no.  I have seen threads here recently concerning people who'd lost
the Debian submenu, which is why I asked about that (and was hoping you'd
say that was what it was); but I haven't seen anything about losing the
whole thing.  However, there's too much traffic here to see it all; if you
haven't searched the archives of this list (and the debian-kde list, too,
while at it) I really recommend doing so.  It's quite possible that this
question has been answered sometime not too long ago.  And you might try
#debian-kde on FreeNode if none of those pan out.  I just did a quick look
at the Debian KDE wiki and didn't see anything useful.

My point in asking you what you've tried (and pointing you at ESR's
"How to Ask Smart Questions") was to encourage you to try these things
yourself and tell us what happened.  That way, maybe you find the
problem on your own; but if you don't, we know what you've tried.  I
can't begin to count the number of times I've put 10-15 minutes into
a response to someone's problem, only to find that the time was
wasted because they'd already tried what I was suggesting.


Chris Metzler			cmetzler@speakeasy.snip-me.net
		(remove "snip-me." to email)

"As a child I understood how to give; I have forgotten this grace since I
have become civilized." - Chief Luther Standing Bear

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