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Re: MTA dependencies ???

Michael D Schleif wrote:

> I have a box on which I want to install qmail from source.  In order to
> get it to run, I need to remove/purge *all* other MTA's (e.g., exim,
> nullmailer, &c.)
> In doing so, there are DEB's with MTA dependencies, and removing/purging
> DEB MTA's _also_ removes these dependent packages.
> I do not want to remove these other packages.  In fact, there will be an
> MTA on the box; but, aptitude does not know about it.
> What is the best way to accomplish this?

Nullmailer provides mail-transport-agent, which keeps the other Debian
packages from being removed. Install it and remove all its rc?.d links
except rc4.d. This will keep the links from being recreated in case of a
reinstall, and will keep it from starting on boot.

Then install qmail from source - I recommend following the Life with qmail
site's instructions.


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