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Management of packages deviating from standard

We might like to install some non-standard Debian packages.  For
example, we would like to compile Tora with Oracle support.  Another
thing is that I would like to compile Emacs from CVS (the Emacs CVS
repository, not the Debian CVS repository) as a Debian package --
maybe my colleagues might like this.  And then, there are our own

What do people suggest to manage this?

I think for our own packages, it is fairly simple: just put the source
code in CVS.

For Emacs this is less obvious, since we are combining two sources:
Jerome's Debian packaging with Emacs CVS sources.  Not sure how to put
that in our own CVS.

And then, there is Tora.  There, our own part is mainly the enabling
of Oracle support, all the rest comes from somewhere else.  So maybe
we don't want to have all that in CVS?

What do people use for this?


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