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Re: Management of packages deviating from standard

Kai Grossjohann wrote:
> We might like to install some non-standard Debian packages.

I personally split these into two different catagories.

1. Those that I am going to distribute to more than one machine.  In
   which case I make my own packages out of them.

2. Those that I think are just going to be local, single machine
   installations.  In which case I install them directly in /usr/local
   as me.  I am in group 'staff' and can 'make && make install'

If #2 becomes popular I convert it into #1.

> I think for our own packages, it is fairly simple: just put the source
> code in CVS.
> For Emacs this is less obvious, since we are combining two sources:
> Jerome's Debian packaging with Emacs CVS sources.  Not sure how to put
> that in our own CVS.

You will probably want to look into branching where your changes are
maintained on a branch.  Searching CVS faqs for "vendor branches" will
probably turn up something useful in this area.


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