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Problem with Xine install from source


I'm having probs with installing xine from source. There are several
and I suspect a common cause but cannot find it. Path probs maybe?
Something with make? I'm running a K6-2/500 box with a Matrox 400,
256Mb, and Debian 3.0r2.

So, my first prob was with css and the default install. "Cannot find
input plugin for this MRL". After many attempts with css, I removed
everything so as to install from scratch/source. I've downloaded
xine-lib-1-rc3c.tar.gz, xine-ui-0.99.1.tar.gz, 
libdvdcss_1.2.8-1.tar.gz and the syncfb plugin as well. No joy.

So after doing the CVS download of the teletux/syncfb plugin,
modifying the Makefile and running make, I get the error message
"cpp0: /usr/src/linux/include/linux/modversions.h No such file or
directory. make: *** [syncfb_matrox.o] ERROR 1". :(

Moving on, I unpack the xine-lib tarball in
/usr/local/src/xine/xine-lib-1-rc3c and run ./configure, make, make
install, add /usr/local/lib to /etc/ld.so.conf and ldconfig.
Apparently, no problems, but the config.log file is 7308 lines long
- I've got my doubts. :\

Next, I do the xine-ui tarball to /usr/local/src/xine/xine-ui-0.99.1
and run ./configure. No luck. Right away it spits back "Could not
run xine test program...Test program failed to compile or link. See
config.log. This usually means xine is incorrectly installed or has
been moved. Edit the /usr/bin/xine-conf script. Configure error. You
should install xine-lib first." HA! I did. :\ The config.log file is
2015 lines long. :\

So, here I sit....

It's a fairly recent install and I've noticed its still quite lean
and sparse in places - although everything else works - mostly. ;)

All hints appreciated.


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