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Re: E-mail account security warning.

noreply@debian.org wrote:

Dear user of  e-mail server "Debian.org",

Your e-mail  account has been temporary disabled because of unauthorized access.
As far as I know I do not have an e-mail account at 'Debian.org'. I am only subscribed to
some lists managed by Debian.org.

Advanced  details can be  found in attached file.
As a matter of principle I never open attachments which are not signalized in advance by a sender I know as trustworthy. I think I know debian.org, but not noreply@debian.org.

Attached file is  protected with the password for security  reasons.  Password is  33110.
Sorry, I do not dare to open this attachment. If it is important, please send it again in the body of the mail and not attached from an address I can trust and in a form that I can
trust the address to be phony.

The Management,
    The Debian.org team                   http://www.debian.org
Who is that?

Hans Vogelsberger

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