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Re: To dselect or aptitude, that is the question

In article <[🔎] 408AE06C.10504@weavers-web.org>, on Sun, 25 Apr 2004 05:47:24
+0800, Katipo wrote:

> Jules Dubois wrote:
>>  Libranet decided a few months ago to modify my sources.list to
>>  use unstable instead of testing.
> When the Debian server compromise happened, Libranet installed their own 
> mirror site.
> They then upgraded the adminmenu package to suit.

The official explanation is that some Debian packages don't work properly
on Libranet systems, so they created a "cedar" release.  The thing I
really didn't like was the message that I must "install a new sources.list
file" without any explanation of the major changes they had in mind.

Of course, this isn't a Debian problem.

> [...]
> a new /etc/apt.sources.list
> that included uncommented lines, not just from unstable, but from 
> experimental as well.

stable, testing, unstable, snapshot, and experimental, all without warning.

> The answer to the situation, if it hasn't already proceeded too far, 

My system works fine and, although there are packages marked upgradable
(but I can't upgrade), there's nothing I need that I don't already have.
It's just I'd rather not look through the same set of packages every time
I update.

> would be to go into your list, and comment out
> everything except stable and sarge

I don't mind running unstable.  I don't understand the meaning
of 'experimental' and 'snapshot' and they concern me a little.  Also, I've
read several messages saying the best choices were 'stable' and

> How I did it was to revert to the original adminmenu, and placed that 
> package on hold.

I'd like to purge adminmenu and libranet-upgrade because I stopped using
them months ago.

> It's a very useful package for a newby [...]

I liked the way it set up X and GDM for me when I installed it.

> I think that this
> is the first time you have mentioned you are running Libranet?

I think it is but I don't remember asking questions, previously, about how
to switch from Synaptic to Aptitude. I experimented a bit and discovered
that if I remove the "hold" from the "broken" packages, almost all of them
revert back to "hold" when I restart aptitude (with the exception of WINE.)

I still have this question:

If I can find some combination of installable or upgradable packages which
removes a "broken" condition, can I just go ahead and install them?  (I
must have a reliable system for the next three weeks or so and then I can
break it.)

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