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Re: To dselect or aptitude, that is the question

Jules Dubois wrote:

I still have this question:

If I can find some combination of installable or upgradable packages which
removes a "broken" condition, can I just go ahead and install them?  (I
must have a reliable system for the next three weeks or so and then I can
break it.)
I think the immediate requirement is to go into your sources list and comment out all those unwanted lines.
The thing that woke me up was the packet managers' advice concerning an 'inconsistant variation', or something to that effect.
First thing:- stabilise your system.
Comment out snapshot and experimental as well. Experimental is still being built, one stage ahead of Sid.
Snapshot consists of every package that was ever made, or that's my impression. If you don't limit your input, you are going to get flooded.
Next I would remove the Libranet adminmenu upgrade package, and place adminmenu itself on hold.
Keep the Libranet entries, along with the stable and sarge, making sure that the 'src' entries are also commented out, leaving only the deb entries open.

Then I would start removing broken packages and reinstalling them.
As long as they are not essential packages, this should, by my estimation of the system, give you back the system you started with.


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