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Re: To dselect or aptitude, that is the question

Jules Dubois wrote:

 Libranet decided a few months ago to modify my sources.list to
 useunstable instead of testing. I'm now finding there are about 50

 I can't upgrade because of unsatisfied dependencies.

Hello Jules,

I had the same problem, I've got Libranet 2.8.1 installed.
When the Debian server compromise happened, Libranet installed their own mirror site.
They then upgraded the adminmenu package to suit.
Their seems to have been some sort of communication breakdown somewhere along the line, because upon investigation of an error message from an install, I found a new /etc/apt.sources.list that included uncommented lines, not just from unstable, but from experimental as well.

The answer to the situation, if it hasn't already proceeded too far, would be to go into your list, and comment out everything except stable and sarge, which will give you back the config for the standard Libranet system, and then attempt to roll back to previously installed versions of your problem packages.

How I did it was to revert to the original adminmenu, and placed that package on hold. It's a very useful package for a newby, and one of the principle reasons I advocate Libranet as an ideal route to take for a newby, but I'm migrating to Debian sarge now, and just using Libranet for configuration exercises. Past a certain stage, it's just too restrictive. Adminmenu depends on apparently totally unrelated packages like kudzu and yelp, for example, so you're restricted as far as configuring your own system. Asking more accurate questions might have helped you earlier also, I think that this is the first time you have mentioned you are running Libranet?


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