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Re: apt-get (plz help)

2004. április 23. 15:43 dátummal Umar Draz ezt írta:
> hi dear members!
>   i am new in debian and i use apt-get
>   plz help me what kind of source i instert /etc/apt/source.list
>  that when i request install any package is its automatically
> install. at this time there is only deb cdrom:[Debian GNU/LINUX 3.0
> r2 _ Woody_ Offical i386] now at this time i have no cd of debian.
>  and i want install samba, nfs, apache, proftp, etc
>   so plese tell me what kind of source i should insert in
> /etc/apt/source.list that my require package install automatically
> when i issue this command

Well, I see you have Woody cd. If you want to stay with woody(stable) 
packages, then you should add these lines to your apt source list:

deb ftp://debian.inf.elte.hu/debian/ woody main contrib non-free

And this is for the non-us packages, which contains packages, which are 
prohibited(??? help me out here) in the usa (well, I don't know exactly 
why, I'm not living in the land of the free):

deb ftp://debian.inf.elte.hu/debian-non-US woody/non-US main contrib 

As you can see apt-get will scan in the 'main' 'contrib' and 'non-free' 
sections for packages. Feel free to costumize those to your needs. main 
is containing the main debian packages :)), and contrib is containing 
conrtibuted packages, and I guess you know what non-free means.

If you want to reach the source packages to, then you should add the 
deb-src lines too:

deb-src ftp://debian.inf.elte.hu/debian/ woody main contrib non-free
deb-src http://non-us.debian.org/debian-non-US woody/non-US main contrib 

After adding the sources to your sources.list, run the
apt-get update
to update your package database.
Then you can run the
apt-get -u upgrade
to upgrade your packages from the internet.

If you want to upgrade your distribution to a fresh one, then you can 
choose from the testing (sarge), and the unstable(sid) distributions. 
If you are running debian on your desktop or home pc, you should 
*really* consider updating your distribution to either sarge or sid.
In this case, then you must change the 'woody' entries in the 
sources.list to 'sarge' or 'sid' (or testing, or unstable), and after 
that run
apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

If you accidently delete your deb cdrom line, then you can add your cd 
set with the apt-cdrom command.

Hope this info is clear, and useful.

Best wishes,



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