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Re: Firewal, Mail and Name server

Keith O'Connell wrote:


I want build a firewall into an old PC. I also want to use it to gather mail from various ISP accounts and serve it out to a local group of 5 users. I want the 5 users to be able to mail each other within the local network. I dont *need* this, I just *want* to do this to see how it all works.

The computer is an AMD K-7 with 128Mb Ram, 10Gb drive and two 8139too type NIC

The questions I have are

1: Is the computer likly to be equal to the task(s)?
Comfortably capable.

2: Is it acceptable/sensible to have a firewall double as a mail server?

It's fairly commonly done in home/small business networking, although the ideal is to have them separate. It wouldn't take much to find an old 486 desktop to be a mail server, and then you'll have a standalone firewall, with port forwarding to your mail server.
I've got a couple of 486s organised to do that.


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