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2.6.4 to 2.6.5 problems w/ a sarge machine

A 2.6.4 versus 2.6.5 oddity in Sarge ...

I have a hosted machine that is running Sarge with a
self-compiled 2.6.4 kernel. The kernel matches the
hardware very well, the kernel was made using kpkg,
and update-grub is linked into the process of
installing or uninstalling a kernel.

The source for 2.6.5 came into Sarge a day or two ago.
I complied it using the exact same configuration as
2.6.4. I checked all the new additions to the kernel
and there was nothing important. The machine panics
when I try to boot into the new kernel. I don't have
full details because I don't have access to the
machine, but I was told the machine had hung with an
"attempting to kill init!" message.

I was subsequently able to reboot into 2.6.4 again no

What could have happened?

There was a package (perhaps one of the sensor
packages) that updated 2-3 days ago which said it
would only work with kernel 2.6.5 and above. Does
anyone remember what that package was? Could it be the



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