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Re: Moving from XP and looking for replacement programs

Micha Feigin wrote:

On Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 09:22:20AM +0300, Kristian Niemi wrote:
Is there a GUI available? I'm also thinking of switching a relatives computer from win 98 to debian, and currently the only obstacle is ... access. And perhaps I could learn mySQL, but she /really/ doesn't want to.

What she needs isn't really a superb database-program, but a `ok'-database-program, /to which there is a GUI/. I believe I have tried to find GUIs to mySQL, without any real luck. But perhaps I wasn't looking in the right places?

Is there a linux equivalent to Access (i.e. an *easy to use*, preferrably WYSIWYG, database-program)?

Here is a resource for those looking for Linux replacement programs for Windows programs:

Hope this is useful

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