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Re: How to make your own customised Debian CD?

users@linuxforums.org wrote:
Looks awesome. Can the content of the CDs be restored to another PC of
different hardware configuration?

Thanks !

Yes. I did mondoarchive on my Debian system desktop and restored it on the laptop of my sister.
Mondo's homepage is here:


I currently run the stable version, but not the Debian package. Because I modified the thing slightly:

1. I changed to use nano instead of vi in mondorestore.c
2. I added vga=9 to the isolinux.cfg because I dislike the huge characters flashing past me.

It is very easy to recompile, you just have to make sure you have the tools installed that he uses.

He makes a complete list of all your files and divides them into sets. Then the sets get placed in the iso file and that written to the CD. He leaves out tmp files and such. So you can actually do this backup when you are running normally, the only thing is to unmount partitions you don't want him to copy.

Also you can add your own requirement packages to a "needed files list" which you can then run once the CD is booted.

It pays to use a CD-RW because you can play with this thing forever.

The unstable version has DVD support.


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