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How to make your own customised Debian CD?

1) Use the netinstall CD and install the base system
2) Install all desired software.
3) Burn the entire CD to CD
4) Bootup from CD on another PC in Single mode
5) Mount HDD
6) Install Filesystem on HDD
7) Copy CD content onto HDD
8) Chroot into mount point
9) Install the bootloader onto the HDD
10) Reboot


1) Does the hardware detection program come with the base system? If
not, what is the hardware detection program I have to install at step
(2) so that the customised CD can detect the different hardware in
another PC? 

2) How do I make a bootable CD at step (3)?

3) Pretty sure I've oversimplified the steps (if it is workable in the
first place). Please add in details that I've left out.

PS. Remastering Knoppix is another way, but I was wondering if there
is another way to have your own customised CD.

Any advice, please?

Thanks !
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