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[PATCH] restoring tg3 driver to latest 2.6.5 source

First let me say that I'm not taking sides in the debate over binary
firmware in kernel code.  I am not a developer, I'm just a user who
needs functionality.  I'll leave it to real developers and various
zealots to hammer out a final solution, but in the meantime, I need to
get back to work.

In that vein, I am attaching a patch that will restore the tg3 driver in
2.6.5, since it was removed by the kernel maintainer.  This patch
contains modifications to drivers/net/Makefile and drivers/net/Kconfig,
as well as the contents of drivers/net/tg3.[ch] from the kernel.org
2.6.5 source.  Apply this patch from /usr/src/kernel-source-2.6.5, and
you can build your own kernel with this driver included.  You will need
to add 'CONFIG_TIGON3=m' (or =y if you want it built-in) to the
"Ethernet (1000 Mbit)" section of your .config along with whatever other
changes you want to make.  With a little tweaking, this could probably
be made to work on the 2.4.26 tree as well, using the tg3 source from
kernel.org's 2.4.26 source.

I did this because I need to run a current kernel on HP ProLiant DL
servers.  The DL360 and DL380 models contain tg3-based Broadcom GbE NICs
(aka "NC7781" on HP spec sheets) and if you run the current stock Debian
kernel 2.6.5/2.4.26 you will not have network functionality.  If Sarge
is released containing a kernel >=2.4.26 or >=2.6.5, it will not be
fully installable/functional on these servers or any other board with a
built-in tg3 chip.  If you rely on a tg3-based NIC you should be aware
of this shortcoming.  I am not sure what other ProLiants have 

Again, I'm not trying to start a flamewar or make a political statement,
I'm just providing information that might help owners of machines with
these NICs to get going again.

Eric Sproul

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