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Re: RAID failure

On Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 02:26:53PM -0700, Alvin Oga wrote:
> hi ya antony
> On Tue, 20 Apr 2004, Antony Gelberg wrote:
> > The next message was hda 0x51 DriveReady SeekComplete, followed by the 
> > actual kernel panic in the RAID code.  I disconnected hda, leaving hdc 
> > connected.  I then got a successful boot, which seems to indicate that 
> good that you can boot off hdc ... 
> > hda has a hardware fault.  But I seem to be missing files from the last 
> > five days.  How can this be?  The system was working fine for most of 
> > the last five days, and I am confused as to why these missing files 
> > weren't raided to hdc.
> if you were NOT monitoring for drive failures, you probably had a dead
> hda for the past 5 days .. and i finally gave up when you noticed
> 	- you will not notice that hda is dead as hdc will continue
> 	to work in degraded mode ... but no copy of it on the other disk
> i guess if hda  has file1, file2, file3, file4, file5
> and if hdc has only file1, file2
> when you plug in a new replacment disk ... raid1 will 
> "properly resync" things for you ... but...
> when does new raid1 erase file3, file4, file5 from hda 
> or when does new hdc raid1 add file3,4,5 to hdc
> 	both disks is supposed to be identical in data

Nice little mind twister there.  What I would do is (if possible)
mount the /dev/hda partitions and copy the important stuff
you need.  Then copy the data off your RAID machine completely before 
you add a new /dev/hda disk.

I have the same problem on my practice RAID machine.  One drive
keeps failing, but every couple of boots I am able to add
it back into the array.  So you might be able to mount /dev/hda
once again and look around for your missing data and get it onto
another disk or machine.


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