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Re: Linux Server, Please Help

Bill Kalebaugh wrote:
Roberto Sanchez wrote:

Bill Kalebaugh wrote:

The proxy server will auto dial and get mail at a predetermined time frames form the ISP with out the

You can setup a cron job that will dial your ISP, download mail, and
then disconnect.

other computers turned on. When I come up on a Linux computer I get my email and surf the web with Mozilla or my wife can come up on Windows2000 with Mozilla and will the do the same. We
also surf at the at the same time.

This is the part I can not find any information on. I have reread all the how-tos and killed a couple of trees but nothing will talk about downloading mail on the server and letting windows computers running Mozilla collect the mail from the server on demand. Is this not called a mail server, and if not what? What software will handle email from the ISP on a server and let other computers get it when they want it?
Am I missing something?

I think you want fetchmail.  It works on-demand to download mail to the
local system.  All you need to do after that is setup POP/IMAP/webmail
or whatever you want and allow your othre machines to connect to your
local server to read mail.  Let me know if you need additional

-Roberto Sanchez

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