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Linux Server, Please Help

I want to change my Windows server to a Linux server but can not find out what programs
to use or if it is possible.

I have goggled and looked at a lot of how-tos but I can not find out if I can set up a server to replace the proxy server I have now running windows-98, proxy+, and Sygate Personal Firewall.

The proxy server is a Pentium 200Mhz with 32MB of ram with a 2GB hard drive hooked to a dial-up 56K modem. It feeds a LAN through a hub. On the LAN is a network printer, and other computers running, Windows 2000, Windows98, Linux-Debian and Linux-Suse8.2. All on the LAN have fixed
IP addresses and the ISP is obtained automatically.

My ISP lets you have 6 different mail accounts, so I have two accounts and my wife has her one
email address.

The proxy server will auto dial and get mail at a predetermined time frames form the ISP with out the other computers turned on. When I come up on a Linux computer I get my email and surf the web with Mozilla or my wife can come up on Windows2000 with Mozilla and will the do the same. We
also surf at the at the same time.

Is there any free software out there for Linux-Debian that will let me do this. Or do I have to stay
with W-98 for a server.

If any one can give me a list of software I need and briefly how to do it. Please let me know so I
Can get rid of Windows.

Bill Kalebaugh

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