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Re: Can no longer use ctrl-alt-del in new X - bug or feature?

Anthony Campbell wrote:

On 02 Apr 2004, Michal R. Hoffmann wrote:

s. keeling wrote:

does anything, nor does ctrl-shift-f1 take me to a text terminal. To

ctrl-alt-f1 then ctrl-alt-f7 to go back.

rather Alt-F7 to go back (without Ctrl).

None of these do anything since upgrading to the version of X in Sarge
(4.3 I think -can't remember the number).

I'm not using gnome or kde - just plain icewm.


Strange. SOA#1 -> I have debian/unstable, X 4.3, wmaker and gnome (I'm changing from wmaker to gnome). And shortcuts works OK. So probably you have something misconfigured. BTW, before X upgrade it has worked? Maybe your keyboard is misconfigured and Alt is represented by another key? There are 2 Ctrls and 2 Alt keys, try combinations (for example, right Alt may be configured as diactrics (have I spelled it correctly?) switch and cannot be used to Ctrl-Alt-anything.

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