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Re: Stable, Unstable, Testing

Yep, the same thing is happening with POP3 as well. Thanks a bunch, I will give this a try.

Matthijs wrote:

On Tue, 30 Mar 2004 20:10:09 +0200, Matt Krause <me@mattkrause.net>

So, I have having problems getting unstable and testing versions of uw-impad Debian packages working. The version numbers are 7:2002edebian1-3 and 7:2002ddebian1-4 respectivly. With these two packages installed (uw-imapd and uw-imapd-ssl), I can only connect to the imap server via SSL or port 993.

I have a old stable box lying around running 4:2001adebian uw-imapd-ssl. The Debian uw-imapd package is not installed on it. That box works great on 143 or 993. I verifed this by installing uw-imapd-ssl 4:2001adebian on my stable box and it works over both ports as well.

So, does the newest version of uw-imapd and uw-imapd-ssl capable of working over both 143 and 993, and if so, how?

Sounds to me like you've got the same problem that I had two weeks ago
- only my problem was with POP3 access. It seems that they have
disabled plain-text login in the newer versions of uw-imapd (and

You can do some reading: they've explained some of this in
The part between brackets is, for me, something like 2002edebian -
verify this for your setup. The README file might be compressed.

Anyway, the suggestion is to put the line 'set disable-plaintext nil'
in /etc/c-client.cf. That didn't completely work for me, I have the
following two lines:
I accept the risk
set disable-plaintext nil

Since I only POP3 behind a router/firewall, I think the risk for me is

Also, I needed to do:
dpkg-reconfigure libc-client2002edebian (again, verify this last part
for your setup.

Good luck,

Matt Krause

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