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Re: debian and women? from DWN #10

Leo Spalteholz <leo@thewoodpecker.ca> writes:

> My university has programs to encourage women to enroll in
> engineering and women tend to be favoured for jobs here but still
> the percentage of female engineering students is less than 5%.  Why
> is that?  No idea but certainly not because they are being "driven
> out".  Every effort is made to attract them to engineering and CS
> but there are just not that many interested.

In the catholic countries, where boys an girls (afaik) are seperated
until highschool, there is a higher pecentage number of females
among mathematicians. I once saw a map showing the percentage number
of females among mathematicians in European countries. There was a
clear change of color along the Alps.

I don't know if such a color map can be generalized this to explain
behavior on GNU/Linux mailing lists or the popularity of female-only
skiing courses.

Niels L Ellegaard  http://dirac.ruc.dk/~gnalle/

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