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Re: debian and women? from DWN #10

On March 25, 2004 11:02 pm, Niels L. Ellegaard wrote:
> Leo Spalteholz <leo@thewoodpecker.ca> writes:
> > My university has programs to encourage women to enroll in
> > engineering and women tend to be favoured for jobs here but still
> > the percentage of female engineering students is less than 5%.  Why
> > is that?  No idea but certainly not because they are being "driven
> > out".  Every effort is made to attract them to engineering and CS
> > but there are just not that many interested.
> In the catholic countries, where boys an girls (afaik) are seperated
> until highschool, there is a higher pecentage number of females
> among mathematicians. I once saw a map showing the percentage number
> of females among mathematicians in European countries. There was a
> clear change of color along the Alps.

That's really interesting.  Do you know which countries these studies were 
conducted in?  Links to results?  I'd be interested which catholic 
countries still separate kids that strictly in school.  I'm from Germany 
which was (is) mostly catholic and there are still a lot more males in the 
Engineering/Mathematics fields.


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