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Re: Sound not working

On Sun, 21 Mar 2004 18:53:23 +0100
Jaap Haitsma <jaap@haitsma.org> wrote:
> Remaining problem that I have is that if I enable the Gnome Sound Server
> to get sound working under gnome that Rhythmbox is refusing to play 
> because /dev/dsp is busy. If I disable the Gnome Sound server, Rhythmbox
> plays fine. However if I start up xmms and also play a file there it 
> doesn't work.(I also see this in Fedora) It seems that I can only play 
> sound from one source. In windooz the card plays fine with multiple
> sources.

Take a look at the command arguments for esd.  It's possible to tell
esd to not hang onto /dev/dsp when it doesn't need it.

My /etc/esound/esd.conf says:

spawn_options=-terminate -nobeeps -as 2

and with that, esd-aware and esd-unaware applications are able to
coexist just fine.

(if you go this route, esd will of course need to be restarted)


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