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Re: Mozilla mail

Kent West escribió:

Pedro M. wrote:

Kent West escribió:

How are you starting mozilla the browser?

I suspect that you've got two different versions of mozilla installed, expecially if you're really entering "Mozilla -mail" instead of "mozilla -mail" <-- notice the case of the "M". (I have no "Mozilla" on my system; do you have a custom script?)

Try starting "Mozilla" from the command line and then checking the mail icon in the low browser panel.

This is what I do now, but I cannot include a command line in Sessions, to stard mozilla mail automatically after Gnome setup.

So at a command line from within Gnome, you're entering "Mozilla" to start the browser, but "Mozilla -mail" does not start the email client?

Yes, it starts it, but without the email / news servers, preferences and so on that I see when I start it from Mozilla browser and I click on the email icon.

I get the answer usr/bin/mozilla

On both commands?

Only from the last one "which mozilla" ( using "which Mozilla I obtain no answer).

And is it replying with "/usr/bin/Mozilla", or with "usr/bin/mozilla"?

With  /usr/bin/mozilla

Thanks for your help. Regards.


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