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Re: Using Debian Installer

john gennard wrote:

s. keeling wrote:

Incoming from john gennard:
Briefly, the suggestion was "why not do a normal install? ..... you
could even help test the new Debian Installer.....Details and a request
to help the  testing process are at:-
       http:// www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/ "

I don't understand how I can install Knoppix3.3 by using the new
Debian Installer. Would someone please give me basic idiot proof
instructions.                                       John.

They're suggesting you install _stock_ Debian instead of Knoppix
(which is based on Debian).  This may or may not be what you want to
Now I understand. This did flit across my mind, but I couldn't conceive why I should want to install Debian when I already have both Woody and Sarge on this box. Thanks for replying. John.

What are you trying to do?  Knoppix is Debian, but in a mix of  woody,
testing, unstable.  You can do all of that with your Sarge install.
What do you want to accomplish?  Learn Linux, install Debian.  Learn of
different distros?  Then use the live-cd feature of Knoppix.  Your
response to S. Keeling has me very confused over what you hope to get done.

Damon L. Chesser

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