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Using Debian Installer

I usually run Woody or Sarge (depending on mood!) and tried to do
a hard disk install of Knoppix3.3 in a separate partition (to see if I
could later install it on the wife's computer). Although the install
seemed to go well , each reboot runs the script called
'knoppix-autoconfig'  in /etc/init.d and I have nothing else except
xsession calls in /rcx.d. So I asked for advice from my local Linux
Group - as usual I got responses, one of which  interests me and
yet confuses me.

Briefly, the suggestion was "why not do a normal install? ..... you
could even help test the new Debian Installer.....Details and a request
to help the  testing process are at:-
        http:// www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/ "

I don't understand how I can install Knoppix3.3 by using the new
Debian Installer. Would someone please give me basic idiot proof
instructions.                                       John.

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