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Re: Speeding apt by multiple connections

On Tue, Mar 09, 2004 at 10:04:32AM +0200, Aryan Ameri <029918@students.emu.edu.tr> wrote:
> In this university that I am studying in, I have access to a pretty fast 
> internet connection.
 How wide is it?

> However when I use a normal download manager like 
> a browser's download manager or apt-get, which use a single connection 
> to fetch the files, my download rates are pretty slow, at most 5 KBps. 
> But I usually use axel, and order it to use 30 to 40 connections to 
> fetch a file ( axel -n 30 <path_to_file> ) and with this download 
> manager I am usualy able to speed up my downloads up to 100 or 150 
> KBps. (Huge difference, you see).
 It is very strange as well.

> Is it possible to make apt use multiple connections?

> Or does anyone have 
> an alternative idea about how I might be able to speed-up my downloads 
> from apt-getable sources?
 google for apt-rsync, but the server must support it.


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