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Re: Debian on Dell

Marc Koenders said:
 > Installing Debian is something you dont do at 02:00 at night. You gotta
> make sure you are awake and alert. Read the messages Debian pops. Even
> if your only option is OK or Continue. Or else.
> I decided to do install from the netinstall iso (woody) and since the
> 2.4 kernel somehow did not recognise my usb keyboard i had to go for the
> standard kernel and do without my usb mouse till after install.
> Since I, being cocky from many successfull Redhat, Suse and Mandrake
> installs on other machines, did not follow my advice to be awake while
> installing i ran into some nice unexpected trouble. dselect is probably
> a nice tool but eh IMHO even the FreeBSD netinstall has a more
> userfriendly installer.
When installing debian on my servers that are use for STABLE production
I use bonzai debian linux, it uses the 2.4.20 kernel and includes
auto-detection code, as the debian installer.

and this is the important part.
IT USES ALL STABLE PACKAGES. (Ignoring the kernel.)

Saves me time, and installs a completely normal debian stable box.
I have to putz around for an intel gigabit network card drive.
--Luke CS Sysadmin, Montana State University-Bozeman

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