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Re: Debian on Dell

I've had nothing but success using name brand dell/hp computers with debian.
I only run servers, all my desktop linux machines run redhat-9.
If I could get the hardware auto detection working on debian, I would use
it on desktops. That is another story.
If it works with rhel, it will probable work with debian.
all my dell systems use an intel network card. (Integrated network card.)
just go download the nvidia src rpm package from nvida to recompile for
your kernel. Then debianize to install.
I think nvidia-source debs are in the repository.

Faheem Mitha said:
>> I just started a job at Duke. I've been told to put together a machine
>> quote for my office. I want to run Debian on it. I tried to persuade my
>> employer to use Monarch, but was told I have to use Dell.
>> I'm not sure of the best way to go about putting together a machine from
>> Dell which has good general Linux support as opposed to Red Hat support.

>> I'd greatly appreciate hearing about people's experiences of success
>> with
>> Debian on Dell, and related advice, suggestions, and working
>> configurations. Thanks in advance.
> 2) They are also being rather coy about the ethernet card. I assume
> (educated guess based on a Trilug post from Daniel Chen and other info)
> that there is an onboard Intel card (which works with the e1000 driver), I
> did hear something about a Broadcom card being used too, though.
> 3) I managed to get the Nvidia GeForce4 MX 440 card on a Dell Optiplex
> GX270 to work under X. I could not manage to work it with the nv X driver
> (as of 4.2 in testing) but the proprietary nvidia driver (ndvidia) worked.
> I hope it will be the same with this "nVidia, Quadro NVS 280". Daniel
> Chen's message seems to confirm this.
>> 5) I'd welcome suggestions on changes in the configuration below to reduce
> cost while impacting functionality as little as possible.
> Thanks.                                                        Faheem.

--Luke CS Sysadmin, Montana State University-Bozeman

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