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Re: knoppix/debian

David Baron declaimed:
> On Tuesday 02 March 2004 17:45, debian-user-digest-request@lists.debian.org 
> wrote:
> > Hello,
> > an anyone tell me if is possible to use apt to upgrade to sarge from
> > knoppix?
> > Thanks.
> > Gavin.
> I am running 2.6.3-2 kernel, unstable. I started with a Knoppix HD-install. 
> Knoppix still does the boot-hardware-detection and sets up the desktop but 
> everything else is from unstable (sarge).
Minor correction: unstable is always Sid. Currently testing is Sarge,
stable is Woody. At next release Sarge will become stable, some new name
will be used for Testing, and unstable will still be Sid.

Personal experience: I was on unstable for a long time, switched down to
testing after it got XFree 4.2, have been very content. But I use the
Blackbox WM & don't care about cutting edge developments in Gnome or

Paul Mackinney

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