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Java in Woody

I'm having trouble with j2sdk1.3 running in Woody.  A
program that opened up a couple of frames and some
buttons worked fine in the jdk1.1.6 version.  

I moved to the sdk1.3 to get into native threads.  The
same program now fails to open the frames and buttons
properly.  It seems erratic.  Sometimes the frames
will not be the proper size, as if the setSize command
is being ignored (true for both frames and buttons). 
Sometimes the paint routine for the main frame, which
draws a background filled image into the frame,
doesn't properly register the image in the frame, as
if it was offset.

I try various changes, and suddenly it works perfect. 
I can run the program again and again with everything
working.  I can then log off, re-log in, run it and
I'm back to the frame size errors and paint offset.

Is there a known problem with j2sdk1.3 in Woody that
improperly handles windows?

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