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Re: Java in Woody

--- Larry <doccpu@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I'm having trouble with j2sdk1.3 running in Woody. 
> A
> program that opened up a couple of frames and some
> buttons worked fine in the jdk1.1.6 version.  
> I moved to the sdk1.3 to get into native threads. 
> The
> same program now fails to open the frames and
> buttons
> properly.  It seems erratic.  Sometimes the frames
> will not be the proper size, as if the setSize
> command
> is being ignored (true for both frames and buttons).
> Sometimes the paint routine for the main frame,
> which
> draws a background filled image into the frame,
> doesn't properly register the image in the frame, as
> if it was offset.
> I try various changes, and suddenly it works
> perfect. 
> I can run the program again and again with
> everything
> working.  I can then log off, re-log in, run it and
> I'm back to the frame size errors and paint offset.
> Is there a known problem with j2sdk1.3 in Woody that
> improperly handles windows?

As additional info I'm using the fvwm95 windows

I found (by accident) that if I run the Opera browser
first (just get in and back out), the java program
will handle windows perfectly.  I haven't found any
other X program so far that will do that.

Opera must initialize something or set something that
the java system needs.  What could that be?

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